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Review: A Stranger in Olondria

A Stranger in Olondria - Sofia Samatar

The writing in this book is unbelievably beautiful. So much so that I kept going after the first 30%, where nothing happened at all. 


Okay, not entirely nothing, but not enough to fill more than a dozen pages of my usual fare.


Most of this initial section is devoted to the narrator's love of books. And oh, what a reverent and noble thing is his love of the written word. Not at all like my lusty desire for inked paper, devouring content before tossing these roughly used volumes aside. 


Once we start the journey to the titular land of Olondria, the pace picks up as our hero makes a series of shortsighted decisions while ignoring the advice of wiser men, and finds that, while there are consequences, there are larger gears turning than he can begin to comprehend.


Stories within stories roll along at a pleasant clip in gorgeous prose. Samatar can certainly put words together. 


I'm pretty excited to see what she does next.