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Review: The True Meaning of Smekday

The True Meaning of Smekday - Adam Rex

I am once again just delighted by the characters, imagination, and humor of a middle grade book. Others have written lovely reviews about how this one. I couldn't possibly sing it's praises better. 


So I will find something to complain about instead.


I am once again disappointed in cover art for not including the not white heroine. I know it's the author's design. I don't care. Consider this my children's book version of the Bechdel test. Is the main character (1) not white and (2) on the cover? Fail. And like the Bechdel test, this means nothing for the individual work.


Having recently seen the German cover of Best of Both Worlds, I feel 2 may need to be expanded to "depicted on the cover in a way that matches the description." I mean, at least Smekday doesn't have a picture of a white girl on it.


Of course, the movie version, Home, out this fall, is being advertised with a short, Almost Home, featuring only the aliens. No mention of the not-white, not-male protagonist. She is mentioned in the description, at least. The not-male part anyway.