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Review: Severed Streets

The Severed Streets - Paul Cornell
Like London Falling, Severed Streets throws police procedural and supernatural horror elements into the blender. Fountains of blood spatter analysis, anyone? 

The start is less daunting and the magical gore is on screen considerably sooner. The police work tends more towards interrogation than investigation, but never felt too heavy on info dumps. In the time that's passed since the last case, the team has gotten enough breathing room to start to adjust to the horrors revealed by the sight, and find their own individual angles to pursue. Then, a new case finally drops - high profile and tied to the turmoil sweeping all of London. Quill and associates still have more questions than answers - and most of those 'answers' are assumptions and have been labelled as such. They'll continue to pay dearly for mistakes, and perhaps more dearly for information. 

Also, Neil Gaiman occasionally walks through the set all charming and clad head-to-toe in black, 

Me shamelessly demanding a photograph with Neil.
as he will.

I don't want to get too into the details of the plot - it's just so much fun to read! - so instead I'll just drop some quotes:


"Instead of a sound, what burst from his throat was a deluge of blood."

"'Because in my copper heart I have been waiting with baited breath to discover supernatural good and evil and the simple joy that would bring.'"
"'It's open season on rich white males.'"
"'This is what happens,' sighed Quill, 'when only one suspect is visible.'"
"She looked up in surprise at the bag of salt and carrier bag of clinking items he was carrying. 'Hello, love,' he said. 'I feel like experimenting in the bedroom tonight.'"
I am still unclear on one or two bits that I assume are failures on my part to grasp the rules, and I do so wonder what happened to a certain hand held item last seen in a rich white man's hand, but perhaps that will all fall out in the next one. 

Great. Way to go me, winning that uncorrected proof from Tor.com. Now I have to wait even longer for the next one.