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Review: Models, Inc.

Models, Inc. GN-TPB - Vicenc Villagrassa, Paul Tobin

I fully admit to having only purchase this because one of the issues had a short piece where Tim Gunn is Iron Man. 


I would also buy a collection where Tim Gunn was a Time Lord, just FYI.


For the most part, the almost all supermodel cast is actually less sexualized here than teenage Shadowcat in Excalibur. Heck, the illustrated versions of photoshoots are way more conservative than most of what I recall from Harper's Bazaar. And Hellcat's boots when she's suited up are downright practical!

And, refreshingly, the women in this book get to be both friends and peers, and that's something my fiction could sure as hell use more of. You know - friendly rivalry as opposed to frenemy bullshit? Supporting instead of constantly undercutting each other? Crazy, right? 

So, while I am mostly happy with the Marvel Models, Inc collection, it's not completely without problems. Apparently, my surface is too heavy for me to hold still enough for a crisp picture of the text, so I'll just retype the dialog here. See if you can spot the error in the illustration.

Millie: How do I look?

Toni: Beautiful, gorgeous, etc. Other than choosing a short skirt for a raised stage.

Millie: Oh, you sooo could have mentioned that earlier.

Toni: Didn't think of it then. Sorry.

Chili: Millie, we're heading backstage to set up our number with the Gears. You coming?

Millie: Just a second!

Toni: Here. I always carry extra tights. .They're yours.

Millie: Thanks! You can go ahead. I'll be up in a jiffy.


Uh, guys, the part of a pair of tights that distinguishes them from thigh high stockings? That's kind of the part you need to prevent panty shots.



Yeah . . . so close to having that worked out. So close.