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Review: Renegade Magic

Renegade Magic  - Stephanie Burgis

I could have sworn I had already written a review for this, but apparently I didn't.


This is brilliant fun with a layer of terror I'm not sure younger readers will get. There's action and adventure as Kat learns new magic powers and her sister enacts the worst plot ever. 


And at the same time, there are several scenes that kind of just twist the knife on the gender politics of the day. Scenes where Kat underestimates the danger she'll be in for simply existing in public spaces as a girl. Scenes where Kat realizes that she'd be better off as a man. Scenes where she endangers the life of a loved one because before she can get to the powerful magic showdown, she has to walk down the street and can't without an escort. It's bananas and it's brilliant. 


Nevermind witchcraft, the world is a dangerous place for Kat, but she is an unstoppable force.