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Review: Something More Than Night

Something More Than Night - Ian Tregillis

I’ve read some really good books this year, but this one is the best I’ve read in years. Cover to cover, I loved everything about this. It’s the sort of complicated beauty that is difficult to explain to anyone who hasn’t already experienced. I think the Kirkus review has the best description with,


“Imagine a gumshoe noir yarn, embedded in a fundamentally theology-free medieval heaven underpinned by known or extrapolated scientific cosmological theory.”


But that’s only barely scratching the surface of the world building. A world we get to explore through the eyes of a recently deceased woman guided by an angel so relentlessly noir in styling that she is often left with no idea what he’s on about. There are so many places I found myself laughing aloud at their exchanges. That’s right, not just smart and interesting, this book is also quite funny.


I don’t really want to spend time summarizing the plot. The back of the book will do just fine. Anything I add would just take away from the joy of watching it unfold. And what an experience that is.


Actually, even with the wonderful twists and turns, plot is so limiting a way to evaluate this novel.


Everything about Something More Than Night is a grand experience, where familiar and fantastical elements blend into a masterfully executed, truly original work. One that now lives on the special shelf in my heart with Dandelion Wine, Lord of Light, and a small handful of other complex, strange gems I can never adequately explain my love for but insist on pressing into people’s hands.


Can I give this 10 stars?