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Review: Fortune's Pawn

Fortune's Pawn - Rachel Bach

Space opera romance and not in a good way. Man, after The Best of all Possible Worlds, I so wanted to see the strong woman version of scifi romance, and wow is it disappointing. The first half is pretty interesting, but then it falls into a plot that is just your average paranormal romance with a few setting elements replaced by sfnal ones. Jesus, some of his dialog in the last quarter could have come straight out of a werewolf's mouth.


Its been a while since a romance novel to piss me off this much, but even that one had few advantages over FP. For one, the tough as nails heroine in that fantasy romance had so much more depth than Devi Shoot-first-ask-questions-never Morris. Strong doesn't get very far when she doesn't know what's going on and needs to be saved by the romantic lead more often than she manages to get herself out of trouble. And stubborn for its own sake isn't exactly interesting. 


For another, while the last act of it was basically a giant fuck you to the fantasy fan in favor of reaching a romantic climax at the expense of any payoff for the fantasy plot, the end of FP is just one giant fuck you to everyone. Zero plots are resolved in something that's probably intended as a cliff hanger for the romance. And the romance? I'm sure these two people are in love, but not with each other. They seem to both have alternate versions of the other that they respond to with no regard for the person actually inhabiting the body they are attracted to. 


When will I learn.


Fuck this shit.