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Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie

OMG, y'all, why isn't everyone reading this?!?!?! There are so many things to love and so many of them are spoilers.


I'm going to limit myself to one and try to not be spoilery.


Leckie does a fantastic job of conveying the idea that a multitude of languages are being spoken without assaulting the reader with a bunch of trumped up dialects meant to stand in for each one. There is one slight difference between dialog and the rest of the text, but it's all conversational English.


That she's able to achieve a unique and comprehensible alien voice for her narrator by essentially adding one letter to one word would already be quite the accomplishment. But successfully differentiating between so many different cultures without falling back on the easy route of verbal ticks that distract from the story? Fucking amazing.


9 chapters in.