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Inside Out and Back Again

Inside Out and Back Again - Thanhha Lai

Let's start with the part the jacket neglects to mention: this book is written entirely in verse. I don't mean that as a judgement, just a description. And a warning that if you have eyeballed the page count and used it to estimate the amount of time it will take your ten year old to read, this will actually only fill a fifth of the time.


I love how the South is portrayed in this book, where there are both good people and racist people. But the majority can't be bothered to interact with you unless you go to their church. My only real complaint is that this isn't longer. I grasp the circle she's turning this story around in, but it didn't feel done to me. I would really have enjoyed a last entry from later in her life. She's one heck of a spitfire at ten, and I wanted to know where she was headed at 18.


Also, even if you just skim this one, take the time to read her poems about trying to learn English. They are a riot.