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Inside Straight (Wild Cards, #18) - George R.R. Martin Does Tor actually have any staff responsible for e-books or is there just one of those drinking birds pushing a button? I'm certain that they don't actually copy edit e-book editions separately, leading to many an instance of misplaced hyphens in words that broke across pages in the paper edition. I get the feeling that, at best, there is only ever a cursory glance at the final product (it was a Tor book that I opened on the Fire to find all the pages BLANK, though that was so device and display setting specific I probably shouldn't hold it against them). But, come on, is there no effort they're willing to put in to differentiate between paper and digital formats? This electronic edition includes the standard paragraph:

NOTE: If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property.

I suppose that means that the fact that the Kindle version on the device doesn't include the cover art is an indication that I have just read a stolen e-book? Or, if I take my Kindle out of it's case, all the contents are pirated?

At least this one includes hyperlinks to purchase other books in the series. Excellent work on that one, drinking bird!