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Mind Games - Carolyn Crane This is a book where less is more. As in, the less you think about it, the more fun you'll have. Or, possibly, less love triangle because there would have been more time for fun, comic book hijinks.

I'm going to have to finish this trilogy before I judge the level of success in executing the premise. I can't tell if what I am looking at are aspects to be revealed later in the series or actual holes. There is one sentence towards the end that gives me a bit of hope, but there's at least a paragraph missing around that same part that makes me suspicious.

Kudos, though, to the publisher on this one. (Well, maybe not on the ridiculous cover art - ok, fine, I guess she does hold a knife one time, but not in that outfit.) I read this on Kindle and after the book was a page of other works by this author and other books I might like. Unlike most e-books, this one actually took advantage of the format and each title was a hyperlink to purchase the Kindle version directly. Hot.