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King of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence There's a rhythm to this that I failed to get into. The first hundred or so pages were a hell of a ride, but then the whole thing felt irritating and repetitive until the last few chapters. Well, maybe not the last chapter - that was kind of like, I don't know, some teenage boy trying to convince me that a video of him masturbating in front of a mirror is art.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of what I found irritating are my own personal quirks working against me. Repetitive, though, I'll stand by that criticism. Really? Again with the box? Again with the music you can't quite here? Did I need another description of how tiring it is to run a lot? Is it odd that I noticed the time we went into a cave and you didn't mention Plato?

Still, I will pick up and devour the third volume when it's out. The first is brilliant and here and there are glimmers of that brilliance. And he did introduce a female character I am a little in love with.