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A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon The story here is pretty cute, but I'm bothered by the illustrations and some of the word choices. I was happy to see a little girl not blond haired and blue eyed. Then all of the doctors, experts, and specialists were portrayed as men even though only a few are identified as male by the text. The specialists are introduced as "four people in long white coats," which could mean any combination of sexes, but the illustrations are all men.

There are only two working women present. One is introduced as "a woman who called herself an Environmental Therapist." Weird that none of the men who paraded through this story failing to help had their credentials framed as so suspect. She isn't illustrated, which may be for the best as the other woman is a reporter drawn to look like nothing so much as a blow up doll.

No, seriously. Check out time stamp 1:31


I thought it was kind of hilarious until I turned the page and found this sex toy served up a second time. Time stamp 1:03 is the next page:



I'm kind of glad this is already too young for my niece so I don't have to give any serious consideration to sending it to her.