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Touch of the Demon (Kara Gillian, #5) - Diana Rowland Three chapters in to the previous book, I had to bargain myself into continuing to read by electing to believe that there was some sort of plot relevant reason for Kara's sudden change in behavior, and Rowland had not actually lobotomized her heroine. That paid off in what turned out to be a decent, but not procedural, mystery with hooks for this book being a serious game changer. Not particularly enjoyable for me to read, but well put together.

There was no part in this book where I was able to make that kind of deal with myself. In fact, if Rowland had asked what I liked about this series and what sorts of things I hate seeing in UF and set about using those notes against me, I don't think she could possibly have done a better job of building a book so thoroughly not for me.

I don't even know how to rate this. There's nothing actually wrong with it, but I hated it. So. Much. SO VERY MUCH.