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Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues - Diana Rowland Suspension of disbelief fail. Hard. These have a great sense of humor, but I'm not sure I'm going to pick up the next one.

There's a hilarious chapter (probably the best in the book) where she asks "Are you working from Evil Plots for Dummies or some shit like that?" A line perhaps a little too on the nose as a few pages later, the evil mastermind is kind enough to explain the evil plan and even answer her questions. Even though this exchange provides no new information to the reader. Repetition is knowledge, I guess. It's hardly the only part of the book that tries to replace "show don't tell" with "tell multiple times". Meanwhile, information about resource management (by which I mean, where the fuck are they getting their supply of brains?) isn't given any thought by a character who's life revolves around the answer to that question.

Calling this one predictable would be a bit of an understatement. And I'm not just talking about how this is basically Buffy Season 4, I'm talking about the continuous firing Chekhov's Gun. Where any person, place, or thing described in more than one sentence is the answer to a question the hero has later on. This is, perhaps, a challenge for 1st person narrative because everything we know, we also know she knows.

So, yeah, great sense of humor, but that might not be enough to hold my interest. Maybe I will try the next one, just not sober.