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Reamde - Neal Stephenson I thought I had drunk the Stephenson kool-aid years ago, but apparently not.

While he's generally idea driven and heavy on info dumps, this is constructed to be character driven and heavy on info dumps. Character driven really doesn't play to his strengths as his characters tend to feel flat. Going through each of their thoughts in excruciating detail, including replaying any experiences that might be relevant to how they've come to a point of view doesn't actually help. It's like trying to make cardboard cutouts look realistic by shining a giant spotlight on them.

There's a decent amount of intrigue and action for a novel a third this length. As it is, I'm struggling to stay awake as gun fights are interrupted with 10 years worth of back story and covert escapes are paused to explain how air traffic control works.

Somebody let me know when the 2 hour movie version is available so I can see how it all turns out.