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Against the Dark (Associates, #1) - Carolyn Crane Disclaimer: I won an e-ARC from the author's blog in a contest that requested winners write a review. Which is the only reason I'm writing one as I didn't respond strongly enough to any aspect of this book to feel like I actually have anything to say.

I guess it was nice to get the opportunity to once again establish that Romance is not my genre. Crane's other books all have romance elements, which has caused a response a friend characterized as "enthusiastic ambivalence" from me. But this one has nothing for me.

There's too much:

"His relentless gaze made her feel excited and melty inside."

Which is just silly.

"With arcane equations he'd developed, he could deduce entire shadow organizations from seemingly random details, like a deadly Sudoku."

Which kind of pisses me off. And,

"Everything was possible when you felt deeply enough."

Which . . . hold on, I need to go bang my head on a wall for a bit.

And not nearly enough,

"Angel wondered cynically how far this guy had gotten along on his personal yellow brick road of self-destruction."

Which is the sort of charming I keep reading Crane for. I like that she's gone with something other than the same vanilla missionary sex scene we've read a thousand times, and that it is actually sex and not Romancicized rape, but I can get that out of the stuff she writes as Annika Martin without all the other Romance stuff. She has a sex positive heroine in a kink positive story with lots of action and gore, all of which is heavily playing to my interests. It's really too bad this is a romance novel.