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London Falling - Paul Cornell Described as UF, but not the sparkly vampire/wereporn/magic vaginas variety that seems to have taken over this corner in recent years.

No. This is the Wire with a supernatural slant. And a dark one at that.

Thank my lord of the pleasant face for the lack of PNR subplots. Instead, I'm enchanted by an analyst using Venn Diagrams to explain her findings and scared abso-fucking-lutely witless by this nightmare fueling vision of London.

The violent bits are delightfully violent, but they aren't the frightening bits. Oh, my.

Best use of texting ever, btw.

My only complaint is the ending. Not the heartless end of the story, that was awesome. But the twenty pages after, spent setting up a series, just seemed to meander on and on with only 2 or 3 pages of actual content. Still, I really want to read the next one. Today, if possible.