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Birdbrain - Johanna Sinisalo I've been pining to flee from the country again, but our plans keep moving further and further away. I am not outdoorsy. I'm married to someone who has expanded the definition of camping to encompass any accommodations that don't include a dishwasher. So this was a pleasant excursion into a foreign land, while also being far enough from our style of travel to not throw more fuel on the fire.

Written from the perspective of two travelers who trade off narrating the trivialities and wonders of exploring new places(I can't imagine why this would appeal to me. Ha.). occasionally supplemented with a quote from [b:Heart of Darkness|4900|Heart of Darkness |Joseph Conrad|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328698658s/4900.jpg|2877220]. This includes both small inconveniences like misplacing a cheap, useful item that is impossible to replace in ones current location and large inconveniences like having the place you were traveling towards be on fire.

There's also an occasional bit from the POV of the delinquent brother of one of our travelers engaging in increasingly reprehensible acts. The purpose of these segments seemed very obvious to me, but probably counts as a spoiler. Let's just say there is a reason.

Gosh, this was a lot of fun to read.