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2018 Hugo Ballot: Best Fan Artist

This is part of a series of posts reviewing categories in this year's Hugo ballot. I'll be discussing the entries, the voter packet, and my ballot. I've nominated and voted most years since 2011, when I figured out that all I had to do was join Worldcon to get to do so.


I'm relying on the voter packet to bound myself in this category. That's the best way to ensure I'm looking at eligible works. I'm linking to each artist's website, though.


Geneva Benton - I like the style of these digital watercolors. The voter packet includes 4 of her works, most impressive being the outstanding FIYAH cover.


Grace P. Fong - Clearly a talented artist, but nothing here is really working for me.


Maya Hahto - A solid graphic designer. Back when I still managed artists, I'd have been happy to have someone with her eye, but I don't love any of her stuff either.


Likhain (M. Sereno) - Another artist I just don't love. Complex and interesting, but not my thing.


Spring Schoenhuth - I do like to look at some fine retro rockets and media inspired accessories. There's a picture of a rocket ring and a piece called "Tao of the Force" that are super interesting. 


Steve Stiles - Again, not my thing.


Well, this category turns out to be easy. Benton at the top. Shoenhuth second, and I'll just leave the rest of the spaces blank.