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Review: Ace of Shades

Ace of Shades - Amanda Foody

This book is like the inverse of Last Call; all the characters are compelling and the look and feel of the world is gorgeously envisioned, but the mythology is under developed and the resolution lacking.


My first Owl Crate book, a fast paced adventure in a dazzling world full of mystery. The first two thirds was great, loved the main characters and the setting. The pacing is good, and the heroine, while overwhelmed with a world beyond her experience, is smart enough to figure out how to survive.


The last third was more invested in setting up a sequel than in providing any sort of satisfactory conclusion. The game, alluded to throughout, when finally played, was underwhelming and told with far less intensity and detail than previous events in the book.


I'm on the fence about reading a sequel. I liked these characters a lot. I liked a lot of the concepts and visuals, but I can't tell if the lack of resolution is an issue of where in the story this book stops, or an issue with the author. Perhaps Moody is interested in different aspects of the narrative.