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Review: Dread Nation

Dread Nation - Justina Ireland

Finished this one a while back, but somehow dropped the ball on writing a review. 


This is excellent, but a case where I liked the first half more than the second. An entire book set during the lead's time in zombie hunter training school would have worked for me.


At the same time, though, I appreciate Ireland not lingering on any one place to long. This book moves. The protagonist is clever, quick, and good with a range of weapons, but has a lot to learn about the world. And a lot to reveal to the reader. The long, slow lead up to her back story really worked for me. And the world is almost as openly racist as our current administration. A world where people openly believe that the dead started walking all over the world because of the civil war - now there's some delightful American exceptionalism.


I didn't love some of the side characters. The scientist, for example, I wouldn't trust further than I could throw.


It ends in a place that both works as an ending, and is in no way the end of a story. I hope there's a sequel in the not too distant future.