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Like Time Travel But With No Hope Of Paradox

I was at a conference for my job on Thursday, and the popular swag item was small bound notebooks. I probably collected six different ones, all different sizes. On the way out, my phone locked up, restarted, and kept trying to restart until it's battery died. It is now completely dead.


My spouse was on the opposite coast for his job, so I was completely without any form of phone. Completely disconnected from my hand held calendar and email, with a weekend packed full of stuff. 


It's like I woke up in 1997. Sleeping alone, checking email the rare times when I am home and not already working on something. Writing shit down so I can remember it. Good thing I picked up all those new little notebooks. Singing along to Fiona Apple playing way too loud in the car.


Okay, that last one was gonna happen anyway.


I had to go to three liquor stores yesterday because I couldn't call to see if they had the gin I wanted in stock. 2 parts 27 Spring gin, 1 part lime juice, 4 parts Fever Tree tonic water, I don't need to look that up at least. And Hendricks will do just fine if after three stops, I haven't found the bottle I'm looking for. And I couldn't call the stylist to let her know I'd be a few minutes late to my haircut appointment. I mean, really, she's lucky that I happened to log into a computer and notice it at all. Not like I got her reminder text.


I went to a nursery today to pick up herbs. Last weekend, I did some research to see what would grow well in a part shade bed. I stared at a row of plants for 10 minutes trying to remember any damn thing I'd read a week ago, unable to either access the list I made or redo the internet search on the fly. Parsley? 


I am beginning to think not springing for express shipping on the replacement phone was a mistake.


Also, hey, I still own an alarm clock for some reason.