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Review: The Tea Master and the Detective

The Tea Master and the Detective - Aliette de Bodard

I ordered one of the limited edition hardcovers, even though it was stupid expensive for a novella, and I have no regrets. The book (the actual physical object) is lovely. The material covering the boards is a sort of sparkly antique copper and the end paper is a lovely, textured orange. Together they form a lush wrapper for a gorgeous set of pages. 


The ebook gets either the same gorgeous cover or another that is so very cool I kind of wish I had the painting. Here's the Hardcover and US ebook cover (and an alternate cover by the same artist). And the worldwide ebook cover is here, but doesn't appear on the artist's website yet.


 But enough about how pretty it is. This is also a very good read. A gender swapped Sherlock teams up with a tea-brewing spaceship Watson to solve a murder. If that sounds like a fun time, this will work for you. The prose is solid throughout and lovely in some places. I hope there are more of these. Not just more stories in the Xuya Universe setting, but more with these two characters.