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Review(?): The Bride

The Bride - Julie Garwood

So I had a few drinks at a fundraiser masquerade and got into a conversation about romance novels with a friend. I asked her to recommend some titles that featured smart women and consent, and for some absurd reason, this was one of the two titles she dropped.


I . . . feel we have different definitions of consent. And possibly smart? But I DNFed this at the second non-consensual sex scene so maybe she does turn out to be smart?


I mean, I had my doubts when it was a forced marriage plot with an alpha male, but surely, with only two criteria in the selection process . . . no. Just no. My definition of consent doesn't include "he wanted to be able to control himself, but couldn't." It doesn't include no's that don't mean no. It sure as fuck does not include a woman waking up to find a man having sex with her. That was about the time I remembered that this friend was so pumped for me to read Twilight that she put a copy in my hand.


I don't know if I'm going to even try the other title she suggested.