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Review(?): Provenance

Provenance - Ann Leckie

I only made it 3 chapters. At that point, I asked a couple of friends some pointed questions because it seemed like this might not be my kind of things. Based on their answers, yeah, not going to be my kind of thing. "If you liked Goblin Emperor, you'll like this" being one of the deciding factors. "There are maybe 2 characters you won't hate" being another.


In part, that's an issue of expectations. The jacket copy promises an ambitious woman scheming, and that isn't at all the hesitant, ill-informed woman just hoping to do well enough to not be cast aside introduced. The first three chapters set the stage for manners fantasy (is manners scifi a genre?) with bureaucratic shenanigans. It has a decent sense of humor and the prose is solid, but manners fantasy is not my thing, and throwing in a heist isn't going to make it my thing.


2018 has so far been a hell of a year for me picking up the wrong damn book.