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Review: Barbary Station

Barbary Station - R. E. Stearns

We shall see if, by the time this posts, the correction I made to the author name has taken. When I added this book, I typed in the correct name, but BookLikes decided to assign it to some random dude with the same last name instead of taking my entry.


When I was reading it, disinterested was my constant state. I'd put it down due to lack of investment. A few days after I set it aside, I'd find myself wondering what the characters were up to and how they'd get out of this one and what it would cost them. Basically the same kinds of things that I think when I can't put down a book, but only with any intensity when I wasn't actually reading it. 


And I have no idea why! I can't point to any serious flaws or stylistic choices that don't work for me. This just didn't. There are a couple of times where momentum is lost for an extended look at a character's current emotional state, but those are few and far between. Stretch as I might, that weak sauce is the closest to a complaint I can muster.


The two main characters are great individually and divine together. The brother is just the right level of annoying.  The secondary characters get some great moments, if not a lot of depth. The concept of the work space for interacting with AI's is super cool - see Stearns' Favorite Bit post for a description.


I just don't know what is wrong with me that I'm not giving this all the stars.