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Review: Coed Demon Sluts: Beth

Coed Demon Sluts: Beth - Jennifer Stevenson

This is one that came to my attention via John Scalzi's regular feature The Big Idea. From the title and blurb, this looks like erotica, but in the post it is referred to as paranormal women's fiction. Which is apparently where chick lit meets UF, and I am a big fan of that combo. 


Let's face it, UF and PNR are pretty bad about depicting relationships between women. Often the central cast is all male aside from the heroine, but any other women that make an appearance are victims or villains. 


This is not that.


This is also the second book I've read recently that lets women be monsters and own it, which is also pretty great. A light, fun romp that occasionally kicks you in the feels. Where the heroine needs to learn to love herself, but does so through a support network of women. Every man she meets wants to fuck her, but that's treated as hilarious rather than an indicator of her specialness.


I may need to pick up the omnibus edition.