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Review: The Princess Diarist

The Princess Diarist - Carrie Fisher

Definitely do the audiobook if that is an option. I mean, we're all going to read it in her voice anyway, why not get the intended inflections straight from her.


This was up for a Hugo this year for Best Related Work. The voting packet only includes an excerpt, but I happened to fortunately already have the audiobook waiting.


Is it possible to separate this book from Fisher's death? It's interesting and at times quite funny and disturbing, but less so than some of her other works.


She talks about getting the role of Leia, working on the first movie, and about her later interactions with fans. Mostly, though, this book is about her affair with Harrison Ford, as told both from her recollections and excerpts from diaries she wrote while on set. And it's about as far from lurid as possible.


I tend to not rate autobiographies. It just seems weird to give a star rating to the actual events of a persons actual life they've just told me. Fisher's writing here is lovely, even her prose from decades ago, pulled from old diaries is sharp. 


Even though I ended up voting other things higher on the final ballot, I'm really glad I read this book this year.