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Review: Ninefox Gambit

Ninefox Gambit - Yoon Ha Lee

Superb, high intensity plot with wildly interesting world building and compelling characters. This audiobook is great. I bought the sequel as soon as I finished it. 


Based on reviews I had read, I expected to be lost for a few chapters, but this was not the case. I was hooked from page one. Maybe I'm just that one odd reader who is totally up for consensus based physics regulated by the government through a standardized calendar and locally alterable. That's a big idea for world-building if I even saw one, and damn if it isn't brilliantly executed. 


Dear reader, do not worry. While there are occasional lines about regression and numerical methods, this is more math as poetry than reading proofs. This book is plot and character driven. A captain who's recent campaign involved questionable, if not heretical, action proposes the use of a brilliant tactician to put down an uprising, and her proposal is accepted. The tactician was a general who never lost, but turned on his own hundreds of years ago. 


What follows is a harrowing campaign, largely from the perspective of the captain, who values every life lost under her command. Strategy and gore testing her sanity. 


I legit spent 20 minutes raving about how great this was to my spouse. He eventually asked me not to ruin the whole book for him. I WAS IN CHAPTER 4. I rearranged furniture and caught up on cardio to invent time to listen, I was that enthralled.