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Review: A History of Glitter and Blood

A History of Glitter and Blood - Hannah Moskowitz

If this keeps up, I'm going to have to stop saying I don't like books about fairies. A History of Glitter and Blood is ambitious, warm, funny, and a great read. 


The central concept for the format is that a fairy is writing a history, which fairies never do. This leads to a somewhat experimental format that some negative reviews indicate some readers did not grasp. 


Thematically, this is taking on race and class intersectionality and knocking it the fuck out of the park. In particular, this explores what types of violence are acceptable against what types of people.


And I don't think it's unfair to interpret the unreliable narrator's depictions of women as a nuanced response to Rothfuss' blog post about The Hobbit.


So, basically, this is doing a billion different things and succeeding at all of them. Basically, the only thing that didn't work for me were the illustrations of written ephemera, but that's an issue with the size of my e-reader, not the illustrations themselves. 


I look forward to trying more by this author.