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Review: Half-Resurrection Blue

Half-Resurrection Blues - Daniel José Older Battle Hill Bolero - Daniel José Older

I wasn't exactly planning to read this one. Last year, I read the sequel, which I loved. And didn't feel like there was back-fill I needed from the first volume. I thought I'd just continue on from the second book.


I've learned all the wrong things from Dresden books.


Recently, I started Battle Hill Bolero and was completely lost. There's a lot of history the book tried to remind me of that I just did not have. So I picked up book one, and here we are. 


This book is great. So much happens, I had to keep rewinding to catch details. As with the other two books in the series, the narration is excellent. So good that I'll just keep rewinding rather than swapping to text. 


And now I'm back to book 3!