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Review: Look to the Sun

Look To The Sun - Emmie Mears

Mears takes on a large scope with this novel, one I'm not quite convinced they have the skill to pull off just yet, but I still mostly enjoyed reading it.


There's a book one character has a crate of copies of, but nobody she knows has read. When she meets a man who has also read it, they feel an immediate connection. Then some parts of real life start to feel like scenes from the book.


There's a fascist regime finally growing enough power to begin overturning society and purging undesirables. This is in a world where families traditionally take on any sort of combination you can think of between consenting adults. But don't worry, in addition to these "deviants," there are also immigrants to blame for whatever the party wants. 


All the pieces fit together in a satisfying way by the end, but much of the story is just these two characters floating along on the world building. Then, inexplicably having secondary characters ask them what to do next or giving them information on the resistance movement that really shouldn't go to such junior members. 


I don't know. I had a hard time getting into this book and never really felt like I had a good grasp of the characters. Solid concepts, though. And some individual scenes are fantastic. I hope Mears tries some more stuff like this. They have some great ideas, even if this particular book wasn't quite a hit for me.