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Review: Star Wars: A Galactic Pop Up Adventure

Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-up Adventure - Matthew Reinhart, LucasFilm

This month's Fantasy Flights book club theme was Star Wars and I kind of waited until the last minute to get something to read. Um, did I mention a local librarian runs a monthly book club at a bar that does themed flights to go along with each month's reading? 


This is a summary of the prequels that delves a bit deeper into some of the aliens and droids that appeared on screen. 


I'd heard about these on an NPR piece, and wow have pop up books come a long way. This one even has a battery to power a single page's art. It was cool to figure out where all of the pop ups were hiding and to investigate how the movement of them unfolding told it's own story. For example, one page features small fold outs for two characters. Open separately, you're getting info about each individually. Open at the same time and see the two cross sabers in battle.


My younger niece is probably a bit young for this, but I think my sister will enjoy it and if I wait until the niece is older, the battery will just need to be replaced.