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Review: Stars Are Legion

The Stars Are Legion - Kameron Hurley

I've seen this compared to Matter by Iain M. Banks, and while I understand the, uh, world building comparison (and the similarity in color schemes for the covers), that's just not the Culture novel it reminds me most of. This book is far closer to Surface Detail in plot (but without all the rape), or Excession in terms of pregnancy, relationships, and plots to control a new variable, or Look to Windward in so many functional ways I can't even get into without spoilers.


Of course, none of these comparisons really makes a lick of sense.


This is C. L. Moore rewriting Jack of Shadows as a Jirel of Joiry story far more than it is any Culture novel. Shit, the big decision at the end is straight out of a Moore story.


Whatever. I'm just going to stop trying to fit this into other things.


This big, beautiful, bold book. I read it as slowly as I could. I put it down every time I was sick (which has been a lot this year, y'all) so I wouldn't miss a thing. I heard it was gross, but I don't think it really was. All the gross stuff made too much sense to be off putting. So much sense. 


And I want to play the rpg version of part II.


Read as adventure fiction or political allegory, this holds together and satisfies. I loved it. The characters, the setting, the wtf and the wonder. If this isn't the best books I read this year, it will be a very strange year indeed.