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Sick of being sick

Y'all, I'm on round three of antibiotics and almost completely out of sick leave. At least we were mostly moved out of the house before this crud came back. Note: not mostly moved in, mind. Still living out of boxes.


Most of my books are in piles on shelves as I didn't label the boxes well enough to know which to open first. I appear to be missing a box as well, so shelving is going slow.


How can one person make this much mucus in so short a period of time. 


Also, got a new cat. A 3 year old tuxedo named Agent Niles "Noodle" Clawhammer. 


So, that's things. Haven't finished a book in a bit. In the middle of at least 4, of course. Spend my last 30 minutes of consciousness each night rereading the same page of Hunger Makes The Wolf because my brain apparently stops working before my eyes do.


I am so tired of being tired and sick of being sick.