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Review: The Suffragette Scandal

The Suffragette Scandal - Courtney Milan

I spent the first half of this novel expecting it to be my favorite in the series. Free was already my favorite character, and Edward is a wonderful character. However, based on the last act, I'm falling back to Heiress Effect as my favorite. This is still quite good, fantastic, even, but there's just a bit more angst and less explicit text than really aligns with my interests.


And even in that last act there are some just wonderfully satisfying scenes. Gosh this whole book is full of wonderfully satisfying scenes. Has someone already started a Manfeels Park variant of this? Or, heck just make me a graphic novel version of the actual book. More than any other story in this series, this book wants that treatment.


A final complaint, I wish Amanda had gotten more screen time, or had gotten her own short story, or both. Yeah, both. Or maybe a spin-off series? *crosses fingers*


I only have one short left before I am out of Brother's Sinister. I have no idea what I'm going to do!