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She Persisted T-Shirts for thems what wants one

Teespring had 750 results for "She Persisted" when I did a search earlier today. There are a lot of options for design, a subset of which include partial or full donations of proceeds to various organizations. And, hey, if you are going to buy a shirt marking your support for something, why not have some of your money go towards it?


The following is an incomplete list of results sorted by what organization the donation is to, as Teespring doesn't appear to have a filter for that. The organization name links to their home page. The word "shirt" links to each shirt.


ACLU: shirt#1 / shirt #2 / shirt#3 / shirt#4 / shirt#5 / shirt#6


Planned Parenthood: shirt#1 / shirt#2 / shirt#3 / shirt#4 / shirt#5 / shirt#6


Planned ParenthoodSouthern Poverty Law Center: shirt

Utah Women Uniteshirt

Warren Campaign: shirt#1 / shirt#2

Being Black at School: shirt

Emily's List: shirt


If you know of others, please add them in the comments. You are also welcome to share this post.