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Review: The Edge of the Blade

The Edge of the Blade (The Uncharted Realms) - Jeffe Kennedy

A fantasy Romance with a knife dual wielding heroine. Look at the freaking cover!


It's also the second in a series, and the umpteenth in another series, which I did not realize when I picked it up. I think this is the first one from the POV of this heroine, but clearly a lot has happened before this book gets started.


This book is not subtle about it's criticism of patriarchy, and while the heroine stays true to her badass self throughout, I do kind of wish she had had more opportunities to use those blades. Fun but not amazing. I may go back and read the first one. That will give me a chance to fill in some obvious blanks, and maybe see some more knife fights.


Did I mention that there are knives?