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Review: Rescue, or Royer Goldhawk's Remarkable Journey

Rescue Or, Royer Goldhawk's Remarkable Journal - Amy Leigh Strickland

Okay plot spread over far too long.


I'm really glad I did this as an audiobook since it's so freaking repetitive that it benefits from sitting for long periods of time between reading sessions. I am also really annoyed at the audiobook for not balancing the audio so the volume is all over the place. Repetition can provide such wonderful effects in fiction, but like any tool, works only as well as the craftsperson that wields it. Here is a sample from the last paragraph on page 2:


I would not have believed the tale of this remarkable journey had I not seen it, written in my father's own hand. These are the secrets that he kept locked away and never spoke about. All of this tells of the scars he never explained, why I never met my grandparents, and why he absolutely refused to visit New York. As I have said before, I never would have believed it, had it not been written in his handwriting.


*screams wordlessly into the void*



Also the writing includes a lot of extraneous details that I couldn't care less about. I seriously don't need the sartorial continuity of knowing not just what the protagonist is wearing, but what he does with the layers he isn't wearing.


The most "remarkable" thing about this book is how it can contain so much boring extraneous detail and repetition and only be 160 pages long. First in a series I am unlikley to continue.