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Review: Black Wolves

Black Wolves - Kate Elliott

Yeah, not gonna rate this one because my reaction is too all over the place. 


I don't read a lot of epic fantasy, but every so often I give it a try. The first part of this book is really not for me. From the glorious king who united the land to his haven't-we-seen-this-too-many-times headstrong daughter who doesn't want to do girl things. Yes, yes, duty is such a hardship for the privileged or whatever.


I was on a lengthy drive, and had basically decided that I was done with this as soon as I was stopped for long enough to download something else when suddenly it skipped ahead a few decades and 2 generations of rulers. And suddenly it was a lot more interesting, with POV characters I didn't roll my eyes at. The clever young woman who figures out how to leverage her lack of position into an escape from her stagnant life behind walls. The reckless boy who's first thought upon finding a dead body is to sell it for drinking money. That same girl from the first part, but now at the tail end of a long career. 


Then it bounced back and forth between sections I was super into, and sections of tedium. And just when it felt like it was really getting going, it ended. 


I think this is likely a very good book for people who aren't me. It wasn't that there wasn't a plot, but that the court politics that form the plot weren't my thing. Though the larger plot of the series, and several of the characters very much are my kind of thing. 


I honestly have no idea if I'm going to pick up the second volume in this trilogy when it's published. I'm pretty sure I'd have preferred reading the notes taken building this than the actual book. But, whatever. I remain not an epic fantasy reader, I suppose.