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Review: Three Parts Dead

Three Parts Dead - Max Gladstone

Been a while since I finished a book, yeah?


This one was off to a rough start, and I can't even pinpoint what rubbed me wrong about the first 20% of this. Whatever, once they actually start working the case, it's all pretty great. Both the ambitious young recent graduate, and the disillusioned mentor are interesting and complex and very different. The villain sufficiently monstrous behind his human mask. The flashbacks well placed and the whole thing well paced. And while I'd figured out part of the mystery, most of it was hard to put together, but still satisfying.


The lit cigarette was featured so often, and shown multiple times being used to light new cigarettes that the God's resurrection seemed inevitable.

(show spoiler)


So, kind of a nice bit of foreshadowing for the reader, but done in a way that doesn't make it seem absurd that certain POV characters hadn't figured it out.


Glad I stuck it out past the first few chapters. Looking forward to the rest of the series.