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Review: Ghost Talkers

Ghost Talkers - Mary Robinette Kowal

Alternate history fantasy murder mystery. Go get a copy right now.


This is fun, and interesting, and a fast read, and did I already mention fun? I've been waiting for this novel for years. Kowal briefly talked about the premise a few years back at a book signing and I might have frightened her with my enthusiasm. 


What if the Spiritualism movement had been real?


What if during WWI, the British military employed mediums so that soldiers could report one last time before going beyond the vale? And all of the debunking of seances was a cover for this strategic operation?


And that's just the setting. 


The plot is tied to a soldier reporting his own murder and a medium trying to solve it with the help of his ghost because she doesn't know who she can trust.


It's great. Will read again. Just a wonderfully fun book.