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Review: Timebangers, Vol. 1

One Does Not Simply Walk into Tudor (TimeBangers) (Volume 1) - Ivery Kirk, Luna Teague, Bryan Ward

"Are you saying-" She took a steadying breath. "Are you saying you invented time travel so you could go into the past and fuck famous people?"

"Well... they don't have to be famous."

Do you really need a review about this? If you're in based on that quote, you are in for a fun ride. If you aren't, well, you aren't.



Two former sorority sisters who haven't spoken in years fall back into an easy friendship neither quite trusts themselves in. One is a struggling single mother, and the other a wealthy recluse mad scientist. A mad scientist who is bad at people, and who's idea of historical research is to watch TV dramas and buy Halloween costumes.


I'm not going to claim this is a great book.


Except that it's kind of a great book. 


I'm so happy to live in a world that has this kind of book. Character driven erotica with time travel. Yes. How have you not already gotten a copy?