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Review: Midnight Taxi Tango

Midnight Taxi Tango - Daniel José Older

This is the second Older book I've read, and damn can that man write. This is a different set of kinds of supernatural than Shadowshaper, but just as compelling, well paced, and excellent. 


If you want to give it a try, there's a "short story" on Tor.com that is actually the first few chapters from one POV character in this. I didn't realize that until I hit that section, as it works pretty well as a stand alone piece. 


Dapper as fuck aging lesbian with a lot of guns? Yes, please. And the rest of the cast is also great. Thrown together in an interesting world, following tangents that wrap them together. Really an excellent read. Or listen.


I guess I should go back and read the first one. I don't feel like I missed a lot plotwise, but there is definitely some character stuff that would have been better with the background of the previous book.