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#BlackSpecFic Links

A couple of weeks ago, Cecily Kane posted a report on Medium entitled The Antiblack Racism in Speculative Fiction. Here's a quote:


Under this assumption, the probability of the 1.9% average occurring by random chance is 3.21x 10^-76, or





For comparison’s sake, the odds of winning the New Jersey Pick Six lottery are 7.15x 10^-08, or 0.00000714%

This report is part of a larger project that includes several other articles under the heading of #BlackSpecFic. All, in all, well worth the read.


Apparently, short fiction markets have started to respond. By soliciting N. K. Jemisin for work. That's like responding to criticism about the lack of women hosting late night shows by having every network solicit Samantha Bee. Representation cannot be "solved" by highlighting names already well known in the field. In Jemisin's case, so well know she replaced her day job with a Patreon.


But don't read what I, a white lady, think. Read Jemison's tweets from today.