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Discord's Apple

Discord's Apple - Carrie Vaughn

This book starts with Kitty Steals the Show, the Kitty Norville book published in 2012. Stay with me. Vaughn was doing a signing in a small town in Alabama a few hours drive from here. A friend, who is also a huge fan, had just returned home from her father's funeral and needed . . . something. So we hit the road after work trusting the GPS. 


While I hadn't read it, this was the only of her books I had a physical copy of, so of course I took it along. And when I got back, I shelved it somewhere so safe that I forgot I owned it.


I asked twitter recently to pick a number, and a friend picked the number that corresponded to to this on my unread shelf at goodreads. 


Enter this wonderful reading experience. I don't like doing plot or world building summaries in reviews, and I won't. But I will say this covers an impressive amount of ground for so few pages. Largely by trusting the reader. 


Gosh, there's so much to like here. Starting from the heroine having a job - a thing I love seeing in UF. To the layers of types of storytelling happening. To the "wait, what, that's where this ends?" 


I'd love to read something else in this setting.