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Face meets Palm in This Exciting Blog Post

I am reading a book that the back cover describes as Gravity meets Alien. Take a moment to imagine what that would be.


Go ahead.


I'll wait.


The things the book has in common with either movie:

  • a female protagonist
  • is on a spaceship
  • and things go wrong
  • in space


Granted, that's an awesome genre, but, seriously? Seriously?! While I'm enjoying the book, Gravity meets Alien it is not. Did this description come from using IMDB's random movie title link?


Oh, shit, I think I just figured out how to market books, y'all. I'm going to use that link to pull some random titles and try to figure out what book they are!


Hello, My Name is Doris meets Jaws in The Queen of the Damned.


Hemlock Grove meets 11.22.63 in The Shining Girls.* 


Swiss Army Man** meets Full Metal Jacket in Archivist Wasp.


Game of Thrones meets - no, whatever it is, it's already been used.


Who else wants to take a turn?


* if I weren't using a random page generator, I'd have gone with Doctor Who here.

**I have never head of Swiss Army Man, but I kind of want to watch it now.