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Review: Mars Evacuees

Mars Evacuees - Sophia McDougall

This is great! A fantastic read for any age, this is like Ender's Game if you replaced all the pretentiousness and angst with adventure and hope. And had more than one girl.


Teenagers on Mars! Invisible aliens! Science! 


It also has all the wonderful little details that I love about book production for middle grade (and wish books marketed to adults would do). Take of the dust jacket so you can enjoy the embossed cover design on the hardcover. Check out the chapter headings and just enjoy the scant but lovely details of the design of this physical object. 


Recently, I was in a bookstore with a friend, and she declared hard cover children's books to be a waste of money. I found this utterly shocking and will spend the next few years pointing out details in middle grade books to her. Kids get all the great bookbinding, typesetting, and layout details!


This is part of a series, but functions as a stand alone. I kind of thought I'd just stop here, but when I read the cover copy for the sequel, I realized I was so up for a sequel.