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Review: The Countess Conspiracy

The Countess Conspiracy - Courtney Milan

I finally did it. At last, I found a romance novel that I loved. Not that I like, but found the romance aspects chaffing. Not that was fun, but the romantic interest sucked. Not that was an okay way to spend the time. That I LOVED.


Because adorable scientists are adorable. 


And nothing is sexier than consent.


The first half was a bit slow, but the second half more than made up for it. OMG all the things. All the things. That happen. In the second half!


I think the only way this could have been better would be magic. Or knife fights? Whatever.


This is book 3 in a series of 4 novels and 3 shorter works. Looks like book 1 is free on Kindle (US) right now, so sold.